Outdoor Science School, Santa Cruz County

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Preparing Your Class for the Outdoor School

The Outdoor School experience begins and continues in the classroom under your guidance. If the educational and social objectives of the program are to be met, careful preparation is necessary to build a foundation and anticipation for the on-site learning. This student preparation should include:

Outdoor School Lecture As a rule, two or more schools share the week, therefore, some degree of consistency in the preparation is beneficial if students are to have similar readiness.

It is best not to spend too much time on detailed discussions of experiences from previous years. Your students should be helped to understand that each year and week are unique and will be experienced differently by each child. Anticipation of specific events could lead to disappointment.

This list of activities is designed as an aid to this preparation. After the last crossword puzzle is completed and the final discussion has been held, the one thing that will influence your students most is your enthusiasm.


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